Luminaria at Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens holds various displays and events throughout the year. A couple weeks ago, my parents and I went to see their most recent luminaria display. There are thousands of these lanterns placed in various arrangements and patterns–some are just used to line the walking paths, but others might fill an entire field.

The last time I saw one of these displays was in 2019, when a few friends and I visited Longwood over Fall Break. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the effect of these huge lighted designs in the night, and our class readings regarding arrangements reminded me of these displays.

The feature image is from Longwood’s page about the luminaria (which also contains a short video with drone footage, plus some other pictures of past displays). I’ve also included a couple additional images below (taken by either my mom or by me on our phones) from the 2019 display and the recent display.

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