Another day in America (with Ozuna) by Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis dropped this song today that I cannot stop listening to. I have really complex feelings about Thanksgiving. I love to be with family and to rest and to eat of course, but in recent years, I have been more reflective about my relationship with the settler colonialism and genocide that has made America possible. This song coming out on the last day of the “holiday” was perfect timing for me, especially in articulating these complicated feelings about the holiday. The song is a take on “America” from the musical West Side Story, which is when Puerto Rican immigrant women sing about the joys of having immigrated to New York City. It’s an ironic song, especially as West Side Story was written by white men, and most of the actresses who played the Puerto Rican singers were on stage and on screen were mostly white. This song reminded me about the optional reading on comics from a few weeks back and how art itself was born out of humans needing to express themselves beyond their biological drives. Art gives people this spaciousness to express complex feelings, and I think Kali Uchis might have done something for us all.

Listen to the song here (Spotify link).

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