“Alone or Lonely”

I found Arushi Kathuria’s submission to the boooooom blog extremely captivating. Kathuria’s submission was a collection of personal illustrations around the theme “Alone or Lonely”. This series was inspired by the Covid-19 lockdown where initially Kathuria struggled with enjoying her own company but quickly this turned into into a weirdly comfortable choice. As I learn more about design and digital culture, I find the real struggle in expressing emotion and a story rather than designing something aesthetic/visually pleasing.

Kathuria does this flawlessly. In this specific illustration from her series, I can exactly feel the conflict she described. In a still room of darkness, there is still so much light and energy. To me, the repeated use of jewelry heavily communicated this theme. Jewelry is often used to dress up and is a material possession. Through including this element, it is as though Kathuria is trying to suggest jewelry is simply used for pleasing others rather than self enjoyment.

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