‘Money Heist’ and Protests: An Insight into Politics and Modern Popular Culture

This weekend, the last five episodes of the show La Casa de Papel (known as Money Heist in English-speaking countries) dropped. I am a HUGE fan of the show. Not only is it incredibly gripping and well-done, it’s symbolism and messaging has inspired fans across the country (including me and one of the employees at the local &pizza) to feel and embody the spirit of resistance against hegemonic capitalism.

This article talks about how the iconic symbolism from the Money Heist robbers, specifically their red jumpsuits, their Salvador Dalí masks, and their “Bella Ciao” theme song have been adopted in protests across the globe from Puerto Rico to Iraq. This reminded me of our lecture on public art, especially with regards to the different forms it can take. As Money Heist itself is a piece of art, its adoption into the real world through these demonstrations has illustrated how powerful public art can be in conveying target messages.

Read the article here.

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