Bison Stampede by Daniel Eskridge

This week I stumbled upon a 3D rendering artists named Daniel Eskridge while looking for inspiration for our 3D rendering Adobe Dimensions project. As someone with absolutely no prior experience with the software, I was instantly so fascinated by the art that can be created through this fusion with technology. I was looking at different 3D rendering artists online, but I was really taken with Eskridge’s work because of his attempts to make his renderings look close to real life without relying on any organic objects that might have been captured or transported from a photograph. Each of his renderings is surprisingly close to real life, using naturally vivid colors and overlays to make the models that he creates look at realistic as possible. To me, his art is almost like an opportunity to bring make-believe characters and images come to life in a more realistic way than flat paintings can usually present them.

Link to Eskrigde’s gallery:

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