Tom & Jerry: Meshing 2D with the Real World

Link to article.

For our final video project, we are tasked with including an animation from Adobe After Effects in the same video as our Photoshop mockups. Mixing artificial 2D images well with photographs that have depth and lighting is really hard, and it got me thinking about the new Tom & Jerry movie. I, thankfully, did not watch the movie, as my housemates tell me it was terrible, but the creative decision to keep the iconic characters in 2D was a very interesting choice. Not going full live action kept some of the nostalgia and freedom of the cartoon, allowing Tom and Jerry to pull their ridiculous stunts. However, perhaps it would have been better to go full throttle with the 3D so that the movie could be swept under the rug and forgotten like the M. Night Shyamalan Avatar movie.

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