[SPOILER ALERT] Iconography in Squid Game


Over the weekend, I started watching Squid Game on Netflix, which has soared exponentially in success throughout the past two weeks since its release. Needless to say, it’s a must see. If you don’t want any spoilers, DO NOT READ AHEAD!

While watching, I was struck by the incredible set design, but a particular scene reminded me of our lectures on icons and iconography. During the second game, the players are told to choose between four icons: a triangle, a circle, a star, and umbrella. Before entering the game room, Sang-woo, one of the show’s main characters, attempts to guess which game will be played next, and the only clue he receives is that the game staff were melting sugar. Upon entering the game room, the four icons immediately take him back to his childhood playground, where vendors would sell honeycomb treats with impressions of the four icons. Inferring this, Sang-woo decides to choose the triangle: the most simple shape of the four icons in his attempt to protect his life.

I was super curious about the design of the show, but not much has come out yet commenting on it. However, Netflix does have this behind the scenes video where the designers talk a bit about their concept. Huge spoiler alerts in this post and in the video! I’m so sorry if you haven’t seen it yet!!

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