The Barnes Foundation

Last week, I had the privilege of visiting the Barnes Foundation. The arrangements of the pieces were quite interesting and I noticed some would use the Rule of Thirds as we talked about in class while others would have very abstract visual orders.

Another relation to the course was the reception by individuals as a part of the communication model among the art. I’m unsure if this was set in place before the pandemic, but to view information about each art piece, attendees scanned a qr code which lead to this site that allowed them to scan the art pieces on their phone and information for the piece would pop up. It was very interesting to go to the institution and see everyone in each room holding up their phones to the work.

An example of what popped up when I scanned “Reclining Nude”by Van Gogh. If you kept scrolling you would find the artist, title, date, medium, and dimensions listed.

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