Welcome + Posting Guidelines

Welcome to our class blog for Foundations of Art, Design, and Digital Culture! You will be expected to post on here once a week before each Monday’s class. Your posts should relate to something we are talking about in class. They can range anywhere from design, painting, photography, sculpture, performance, composition, fashion, video, architecture, and theory….

Natural Capital: Data Visualization of Decarbonization

When looking up other examples of data visualization artworks, I came across this art installation based in Milan. The Natural Capital was created in collaboration with Carlo Ratti Associati in a botanical garden. The piece informs those who come across it how much CO2 trees really capture in the form of giant bubbles to encourage…

Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer [Emotion Picture]

In 2018, Janelle Monáe released an emotion picture to accompany her album “Dirty Computer”. The short film was analyzed to be commentary about being a queer black woman in America using concepts of afrofuturism. There are reoccurring themes regarding the contrasting technology in society and freedom/human emotion, which relates back to a previous video of…

Communal Bucket List Public Art

Our talks about public art have made me think about public art I have seen over my life. Back home in Vermont, there is an installation of a chalk wall with “before I die” stenciled on it on the side of an old brick building. It is fun to walk by and see what different…

Longwood Gardens Christmas Lights

Longwood Gardens has an annual lighting display with an extensive setup of Christmas lights and vibrant matching flora. The whole part ends up covered in colorful lights, and guests can come in and view the display. This year, the theme is fire and ice, so there are lots of dramatic fiery reds and icy blues….


Over Thanksgiving break I travelled to Medellin and Cartagena Colombia. In Medellin, I went on a graffiti tour of Comuna 13. Comuna 13 was formerly one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Medellin, and has made a remarkable transformation over the past 10 years to become a much safer neighborhood and an attraction to tourists….

Proyectos de Arquitectura by Javier Janda

The piece, composed of intricate lines of blue and red, is a piece found on Pinterest. While the piece reminds the audience about tree rings, time, and life, it also reminded me of the “Data+Portrait” assignment that we did using Processing. By using set of recurring values of number, I believe that Processing will be…

I Still Face You by Nijdeka Akunyili Crosby

A piece that I cam across and loved this week was called I Still Face you by Nijdeka Akunyili Crosby. I actually plan to buy a copy for my mom to hang up in her office, since I think she’ll love it. Nijdeka is a Nigerian artist who uses a combination of paintings and graphic…

Protest logos by Lydia Cambron

When looking through the BOOOOOOOM art blog I found this interesting concept of transforming brand logos into protest messages. A lot of these logos are so ubiquitously known, and this is interesting to me as we can leverage these well-known logos and transform them to spread messages about social causes.

Tom & Jerry: Meshing 2D with the Real World

Link to article. For our final video project, we are tasked with including an animation from Adobe After Effects in the same video as our Photoshop mockups. Mixing artificial 2D images well with photographs that have depth and lighting is really hard, and it got me thinking about the new Tom & Jerry movie. I,…