What Even is Vaporwave?

Inspired by the talks of the internet and archives, I wanted to discuss a niche art movement called vaporwave. While it is more recognized by its music (I would describe it as funky, jazzy, oldie Lo-Fi), the art still deserves a spotlight. The art itself is a manifestation of the internet if it was a physical environment you can walk through. With characteristics such as grids, pastels, night life, Fiji bottles, dolphins, random statues, and graphics of the internet at its core (such as Microsoft Paint and Windows 94), Vaporwave is an ironic movement meant to poke fun in its own aesthetic way. I personally love it for the nostalgic future funk, city life feel!

Note: I tried to find the original artist of this piece but could not locate them! But it’s a bit on the nose on how this piece of information was lost on the internet.


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