Welcome + Posting Guidelines

Welcome to our class blog for Foundations of Art, Design, and Digital Culture!

You will be expected to post on here once a week before each Monday’s class. Your posts should relate to something we are talking about in class. They can range anywhere from design, painting, photography, sculpture, performance, composition, fashion, video, architecture, and theory.

1. Two-three sentences per post. You always can write more if you feel moved to do so.
2. Include link to the article, artist, audio, or video you are sharing.
3. Please make sure to also include a FEATURED IMAGE on your post.
4. These are due once a week, with the cycle starting and finishing each Monday.
5. Copy and paste the link of your post in the canvas assignment for the current week’s blog post to receive credit
5. By the end of the semester you will have 10 posts (or more!)

Some good art/design blogs to check out are:

Picture: Tauba Auerbach, Color Atlas, 2011

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