Designer Lydia Cambron Transforms Brand Logos into Protest Messages

These redesigned logos by artist Lydia Cambron immediately stood out to me as I was viewing the various blogs. I am very interested in branding and marketing and think it’s a really cool way to raise awareness for social issues. It has become commonplace for many brands to update their logos for Pride or Breast Cancer awareness, and I think it would be awesome to see them take it a step further like the artist has done.

A brand like Patagonia for example is very entwined with environmental issues, and I think this could be a unique way for brands to raise even more awareness for the causes they care about and resonates with their values as an organization. I chose Vans / Trans as the cover image because I love the coloring, but also think it was a very clever way to utilize the Vans logo with a rhyme to raise awareness for Trans rights.

Click here for article and many more cool examples

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