Chicken Thoughts Instagram Comics

The readings for this module have made me think more about how art interacts with technology and the programs we use to view it. I enjoy these short Instagram comics (Chicken Thoughts), which are very light-hearted and focus on pet birds. It’s clear that the format is adapted for social media, as each picture shows all four panels at once, making it easy to view all at once while scrolling through posts. The art style isn’t the most elaborate, but I think it suits the nature of the comic well, and I enjoy the exaggerated expressions of the birds (like in the image below).

Here is the Chicken Thoughts Instagram page

I also liked how the current “restart computer” screen was used in this comic! 😀 In addition to the actual humor, it’s interesting to think about how this clearly recognizable screen was used to draw a comparison that is easily understood by a modern audience. In the future, I’m sure that screen will eventually be replaced by a different design, but this specific image works well for this audience.

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