Total Energy Logo Redesign — Fooling Me Into Thinking They are “Cleaner” Than They Actually Are?

Over the summer, I part of my internship involved researching new electrification technologies used in thermal industrial processes like ethylene cracking/reforming processes in order to decrease carbon emissions. The research involved a lot of googling of different refining companies in the US and internationally. One logo that really stood out to me is the Total Energies logo. Most of the other refining companies have harsher, simpler logos that fit with usual “we-aren’t-doing-super-great-for-the-environment-work-but-you-use-it-everyday” brand look — nondescript, not really drawing attention to themselves, but clear and recognizable.

Total energies’ rebranded logo is the opposite. Every time I saw it, the logo looked so happy, so colorful, so modern and fun. The logo does a good job of projecting, clean, modern, potentially eco-friendly work. Even though the company is still based around petroleum refining. I feel a little bamboozled looking at the logo — but the logo is definitely doing the job they wanted it to do by giving me good, clean vibes for Total Energy.

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