“How Long Is Now?”

In the journal, The Brooklyn Rail, Francesca Pietropaolo writes a piece about the concept of time within art, reflecting on the experience of time throughout the pandemic. It can take a ‘present’ perspective of duration, a ‘past’ perspective of memory, or a ‘future’ perspective of how much time do we have left (asked with social implications in an uncertain world). She invites artists who use time as a material to reflect on the theme.

Isle of Reversible Destiny, a proposal for a landscape intervention to transform the longevity of the people who experienced it, that was never realized.

I thought this was a really timely piece (haha), given that we are always existing in time obviously, but that as the school year begins, we should be reflecting through our art on how we lived through the pandemic, how we are living now, and what will the future hold? The pandemic isn’t really over, so why is Penn pushing things to be back to normal? Will we be able to get free Adobe to take home again?? A lot to think about.

You can find the article here.

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