Celebrating Virgil Abloh

This Sunday, talented and seriously accomplished artist Virgil Abloh passed away from a rare cancer. Virgil Abloh was a musical artist, DJ, fashion designer and more. During his career, Virgil started an incredibly successful streetwear brand called Off White which recently sold to LVMH this summer. Virgil was able to bring luxury fashion, streetwear, and culture into one through his brand. However, while he is known for his work with Off White, being the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton and more, he also had done numerous art installations. He even collaborated with Takashi Murakami for the “Gagosian Show”. Below is his installation at the contemporary institute of art in Boston, “Figures of Speech”. While a lot of his art work is meant to be contemporary, I find that his voice is very clear. This may be because of the relevant issues he chooses to discuss in his work but I find it extremely powerful how each piece means so much and then comes together to mean even more.

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