My Choice #8 – A Woman’s Right To Choose by Terry Braunstein and Victor Raphael

This week, I joined an online art forum that I actually found while preparing for a meeting for a club I’m a part of called Women’s Political Forum. A large part of our discussion was about the new heartbeat bill limiting women’s access to safe and professional medical abortions. This class inspired me to look for a way to include some art to convey the message of the topic we were discussing in our meeting. I found a project called My Choice #8- A Woman’s Right to Choose. The project did a great job of conveying a lot of the physical and mental issues that women will have to undergo if they lose access to safe abortions, and the project intentionally included several still pieces that were related in color scheme and features characters that give a sense of being “of the same world.” Even though these images did not intentionally include movement or videography elements that link them together, I think that the artist trying to tell the same story through multiple visual elements is very closely related to what we are working to do with our current photoshop project. In addition, the piece is intended to raise awareness for a cause that the artists wanted to be conveyed in all its severity, which I think is an incredibly powerful and honorable passion project to have at the center of one’s art.


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